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The median value of a home in Phoenix in the first quarter of 2011 was roughly $126,000. That is $32,000 below the national average. For those who are buying homes, that means that right now is an absolutely excellent time to buy a home in Phoenix.  The average listing price in Phoenix is actually over $200,000.  This number is typically quite higher than the median, because homes that sell for $1,000,000 skew the average number whereas it doesn’t change the median number as heavily.

If you want to find a home that will sale far below what you will see as the typical listing price, then searching for foreclosures or short sales is an excellent.  As you can see, the average listing price and average sales price vary greatly – that’s because the lowest cost homes are being sold first.  Those are the short sales and foreclosures.  Browse here for Phoenix Short Sales and Phoenix Foreclosures

Browsing For homes by # of Bedrooms

Often times those who are looking for a home for sale, but are not familiar with the area, or have a certain price range to stay in will search for homes by # of bedrooms. By doing that, it takes a lot of the guess work out of the home shopping. More expensive homes in nicer communities are almost always larger. So if you want to live in a community with an HOA, extra amenities, then search for a 5, 6 or 7 bedroom home.

If you are looking for an affordable first time starter home, then it is logical to search for a nice 3 or 4 bedroom home.

Homes For Sale by number of bedrooms:

  • 3 Bedroom Home – Median Listing Price: $90,000 – Over 2,300 Homes For Sale
  • 4 Bedroom Home – Median Listing Price: $201,000 – Over 1,400 Homes For Sale
  • 5 Bedroom Home – Median Listing Price: $325,000 – Over 300 Homes For Sale
  • 6 Bedroom Home – Median Listing Price: $549,000 – Over 60 Homes For Sale
  • 7 Bedroom Home – Median Listing Price: $900,000 – Under 10 Homes For Sale

Browsing For Homes By Neighborhood and Community

When looking for a home, it is very important to consider the neighborhood. So much so that many people prefer to overlook other details such as amount of bedrooms, and search for their home simply by the community that they are going to live in. If you know that you’re going to like the neighbors, chances are you’ll be happy. The communities listed below have a reputation for being the best in Phoenix.

Listing Price Average Sales Price Average Sales Price Median Price/Sq. Ft
Camelback East $396,072 $211,626 $110,000 $131
Ahwatukee Foothills $340,932 $239,002 $185,500 $109
North Gateway $253,522 $229,448 $215,000 $85
Encanto $227,526 $103,032 $80,425 $87
Paradise Valley $179,100 $379,087 $154,389 $244
Deer Valley $152,763 $131,669 $111,950 $75
South Mountain $119,472 $96,453 $74,287 $57
Laveen $93,556 $124,907 $103,500 $58
Estrella $70,422 $109,916 $77,500 $56
Maryvale $59,842 $64,313 $45,900 $45

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