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You probably don’t want to spend more money than you have to on a home. In fact, you probably want the best deal on the market. When searching for real estate, looking at short sales is a safe bet that you are going to spend much less on a home in Phoenix than what you would spend otherwise. To avoid an excess of collateral damage, short sales in Phoenix are sold for less because both the bank and the borrower want to avoid foreclosure, so they price these houses to move. While foreclosures do have a reputation of being slow, banks have been streamlining the process and placing a higher priority on these homes – which is a win for both the seller, the buyer, and the bank. Familiarize yourself with Phoenix foreclosure listings.

One thing about Phoenix short sales is on average they take longer to close. But the wait is worth the savings for Phoenix short sales!

Short sales listed below have been on the market at most two weeks. For this reason, not all Phoenix short sales could be listed on this page. For access to every short sale in Phoenix, click Here – Phoenix Short Sales.

Short Sales in Phoenix:

Short Sales in Phoenix Arizona

One of the best ways to find real estate is to look for purchasing a short sale. Recent charts show that on average a home that is sold traditionally will cost upwards of $160,000. A short sale in Phoenix will cost approximately $30,000 less. If that isn’t proof enough to convince that these are cheap homes in Phoenix AZ, then nothing else will. While a closing may take upward of a year, the amount that you will spend on rent in that one year will not be anywhere close to that, unless you decide to rent in a penthouse suite. Otherwise, the amount of money that you will save on real estate in Phoenix buy purchasing a short sale is well worth it.

A short sale in Phoenix AZ can save you tons and tons of money!What is a short sale in Phoenix? Short sales happen when somebody who is under financial stress with their mortgage needs to get out, so they approach the bank and they negotiate to have the home sold for less than what their remaining mortgage balance is that’s why it is called a Phoenix short sale.

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